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Corbel Arch Search New Privacy Notice – Relating to MAY 2018 new GDPR Law

Privacy Policy & GDPR - Updated May 2018
Corbel Arch Group GmbH, Felsenaustrasse 2, 8704 Herrliberg, Switzerland 
Main Contact surrounding GDPR / Data Protection / Privacy Notice: Michelle Squire 0041 78 889 7883
Company registration Number:CH- SECO registered

What is the purpose of Corbel Arch Search?
Corbel Arch Search is a boutique recruitment firm, focusing on the quantitative trading and technology space globally. We partner with a small selection of clients and work in helping them source relevant candidates. In turn, we work with candidates in this field who are seeking new career opportunities.
How and what data do we store? Due to the new GDPR legislation, Corbel Arch Search holds minimal data and does not have a historical database. Corbel Arch Search uses LinkedIn Recruiter Professional which is a GDPR compliant recruitment online network.  The only data we store is for candidate’s that actively interview or allow us to represent their details to our clients (name, email, location and profession) for 3 years on a secure drive. We do not store CV’s, postal addresses or any documents. 
At any point, should a candidate wish for us to remove their name and email, they can contact us by email and we will do so within 30 days. Our email history is kept for 36 months and updated bi-annually. We always gain permission from all candidates to share their data with any of clients.

How our contacts can control their person identifiable information / data? 
All clients and candidates have the right to rectify, remove, restrict or refuse to their data being processed by Corbel Arch Search at any time. Simply email and this will be done within 30 days and an email confirmation will be sent.

How do we contact people?

Corbel Arch Search contacts candidates, clients and our relevant business contacts primarily by email and on LinkedIn Recruiter professional. We arrange phone conversations or meetings in advance by email / instant messaging and avoid "cold calling". 

What are our legal obligations? 

We are a SECO REGISTERED, legally incorporated Swiss entity. This means we have the relevant legal license in place to conduct recruitment. Legally as a firm, we must in most cases, send a CV or candidate basic career information to our client for the candidacy to be considered for the job we are representing them to. Certain information – such as candidate name, brief career history and information (where they currently work), telephone number for conducting interviews etc, is legally required by Corbel Arch Search.
This is so we can represent candidates accurately to our clients and comply with the Terms of Business we have with them. Corbel Arch Search as a company, needs to ensure the relevant candidate is not working at a current client due to our contractual non-solicitation obligations. ​ 
Corbel Arch Search is not responsible for our clients GDPR responsibilities, should candidates wish to obtain certain client's GDPR policies, they are entitled to request this directly from them. 

How do we source our data?
We acquire our data from publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, ad responses and by way of referral.
Who receives our data? The only recipients of our data are Corbel Arch's business contacts, the data is only shared when the relevant person has given written, contractual or verbal permission for their data to be shared Candidate data is sent via email, verbally or in some cases our Clients have their own secure Recruitment Portals such as where candidate Information must be added. 
What is our data retention period? Business contacts, candidate and client information will be stored on our own internal documents, on a secured drive and email correspondence for 36 months (or unless an individual requests we remove this data beforehand). 

Our marketing? We do not send “newsletters”. We occasionally advertise on relevant job platforms and contact candidates / Clients about new positions / candidates by email. 
Please don’t hesitate to make contact should you wish to discuss any of the above.